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WILD rainbow trout
WILD rainbow trout
WILD rainbow trout

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June 2006...
And we thought the fishing in 2005 was good... guests returning this season have described the fishing as 'epic' both numbers and size of fish! The Dean and Blackwater rivers continue to offer some of the very best fly fishing that you will find in the West Chilcotin. This is great news for guests returning for more of the same or those finding out what it's like for the very first time!!!
We've put out the call to our regulars for photos to back up the stories spun at day's end around the Lodge dining table. Once these pics are in hand, we'll be adding them on our web site, so check back when we post our next fishing report.
The lake fishing is always good as we move up in elevation as the weather gets warmer. Some of the best fishing has been at Eliguk Lake, one of our outposts, and lakes in that general vicinity. One fisher flown out for a day's fish by Tweedsmuir Air was into a very BIG rainbow at Tom's Lake... weighing in around 12 pounds. No wonder Duncan likes to recommend Tom's Lake as a large fish location, where one can be rewarded with larger-than-average WILD rainbow trout!
Our guide... Dan Byzyna ...who joined our staff in 2005 has returned for this season. Nothing quite like spending time on the water with a guide who has 'bin there, done that' and knows the waters and the fish.
Happy Fishers...
Highlights of great trips and equally great fishing...
Our days at the outpost on Eliguk were fantastic and the fishing was absolutely outstanding. We caught 1-1/2 to 3 pound beautiful rainbows on streamers and nymphs until our arms wore out. Unbelievable how high those fish can jump and how hard they can pull! The fishing was just as good on our daily fly-outs from the lodge.
Even a rainy, windy day on Tom's Lake ended up kicking out a 5-3/4 pound hook-jawed male rainbow, that made my day. I think its probably the most beautiful fish I've ever seen.
We enjoyed the day at Knot Lake, fishing for Dolly Varden. We were able to catch and release 10 nice Dollys on both flies and spoons that went up to 9-1/2 pounds!
Thanks to the both of you for being such great and accommodating hosts. The package you offer for the price you charge is a true bargain. We will be back!
The summer should remain 'tight lines' and 'fish on' for guests fishin' WILD at Stewart's Lodge. If you are planning a trip, come prepared for changes in the weather.
We never turn away short notice bookings or parties of one. Please call 1-800-668-4335 or email us to book your trip, this season or next. We look forward to seeing you and yours on the water!
The Stewarts
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WILD rainbow trout

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