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A classic Upper Dean cuttbow

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WILD rainbow trout
WILD rainbow trout
WILD rainbow trout

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rustic cabins at Nimpo Lake
rustic cabins at Nimpo Lake
Wild trout
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Front: Great hatches fuelled some absolutely awesome dry fly fishing on the streams!
Mouse over: A prime WILD rainbow trout caught by Tony Trambitas at Toms Lake... one of many fishing the third lake.
Click: Scenic views abound on the daily fly outs... one of many awe inspiring vistas!

June thru August 2005... more fishing news!
High Water & GREAT Fishing on the Streams...
We were thankful that it rained for six weeks this summer. From early June till late July we saw rain, rain and more rain. The night before the opening day of dry fly fishing on the Dean River for cuttbows and rainbow trout, the river rose over a foot. It continued to rise up onto the fields on either side of the river. An amazing year as far as great dry fly fishing on into August. We are still down there on August 21st with a group and happy to do so. Usually that part of the Dean River, we have to stop fishing due to low waters and an inability to manoeuvre the boat, but, not this year!
The Blackwater River as well has been great fishing. We are fishing three locations on the Blackwater and would like to get you into all three, if you wish, next year. Book early for stream fishing and get the early dates if possible. Both the Dean and Blackwater open for fishing June 15th. Call and book now before Jan 1st, 2006, to be ensured 2005 rates.
More GREAT Fishing on the Lakes...
Eliguk Lake, one of our famous stand by faithfuls, has gifted us with bigger rainbow trout this year. It's one thing to be guaranteed fast fishing and it's another thing to get fat fast fishing... WOW ...that was great; we hope the same for next year!
Moose Lake, like Eliguk, you can never go wrong to hang out and fish there.
Stewart Lake (formerly Shetler Lake) thrilled many people again this year with its beauty and 'easy' fishing charm. Second to the breathtaking beauty at Stewart Lake, people like the idea of having access to fish five lakes at this one location.
Davidson Lake was honeymooners' haven again this year swooning 2 couples on their honeymoons. Davidson continues to be the location that our European tourists prefer over any of our outpost locations.
Toms Lake produced some nice big 'bows in June. September is always a great time there... and don't forget to fish the third lake as well, it's always a winner... that is the third lake, NOT the swamp (or the second lake).

We have fish guiding rights to 66 lakes and 8 different streams and rivers... so come on up and let us get you into some of them in 2006 and beyond!
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WILD rainbow trout

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