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WILD rainbow trout
WILD rainbow trout
WILD rainbow trout
WILD rainbow trout

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What's New at Stewart's Lodge...
River Beauty rustic cabins at Nimpo Lake
rustic cabins at Nimpo Lake
Hear the call... fly fishing... wild trout!
River beauty... one of the many wild flowers you may find streamside or hiking one of our wilderness trails!

Season Opener...

The Stewart's Lodge team for this summer are... Duncan Stewart, owner/pilot; Ian Shipmaker, pilot; Kent Willner, pilot; Allan Schafer, chef; Cynthia Gerr, housekeeping; Danny Stewart, guide/dock attendant; and Gerty Shipmaker, lodge assistant. We are here to make your dreams of adventure in the West Chilcotin backcountry come true!

This year at the Sewart's Lodge we're promoting flightseeing tours with day-hiking opportunities...

For a soft adventure, jump in our DeHavilland Beaver or Cessna 185 and experience a flightsee tour.

Land on an alpine lake and hike to the amazing vista of Hunlen Falls... Canada's third tallest waterfall, which cascades 1,000+ feet (305 m) from the north end of Turner Lake over a rugged granite precipice to Lonesome Lake below. Just one of the adventures experienced here in our country!

Spring flowers on the West Chilcotin Plateau... come and see the beautiful flowers of the alpine such as wild strawberries, blossoms of Kinnikinnick and purple Douglas' Asters ...pleasant discoveries along your hike.

The season is beginning to unfold as cooler temps have kept the ice on NImpo Lake longer than usual. But, just around the corner... June and July ...and warmer temps which will mark the beginning of adventures in the upper elevations. Start on a high alpine lake in the morning and descend to a vista of spectacular Hunlen falls. Feeling more adventurous? Spread your wings and continue your aerial adventure with a flightsee through the Rainbow Mountains.

If you want a full outdoors experience... take on the 'Chilcotin Grandslam'!

Start your morning with an airtour of the Monarch Icefields and land in a high elevation lake. From there you'll start in the alpine descending to Turner Lake for a midday lunch with a vista of Hunlen Falls. And, your day is not over yet... continue with an airtour of the Rainbow Mountains. To end your adventure, enjoy a gourmet meal at the Lodge overlooking Nimpo Lake and coastal mountains.
If timing is right and the weather willing, the sunsets from our main Lodge can be spectacular!

Be sure to check out our Fishing Reports.
Booked a trip to Tweedsmuir Wilderness Camp or one of our outposts and would like additional information to what is posted on our web site? Please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-ON THE FLY or send us email... we would be happy to fill you in.
This season marks our 58th year of WILDerness adventures from the shores of Nimpo Lake... we look forward to seeing you here!

Stewart's Lodge

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NEWS WILD rainbow trout

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